Random Thoughts

 Its been a while since I have posted a blog, but I haven’t felt the urge to write, so I figured “Why force it?”
Anyway, that has all changed recently with some current events. I am going to try something new. I don’t always have something specific to write, so I am going to compile my Random Thoughts on various topics. Enjoy-

The Hunger Games

Where do I begin? This series has become a phenomenon. Nearly everyone I know has read the books or seen the movie.
I am well on my way to completing the 3rd book and have seen the movie. But, I am not going to talk much about all of that. My focus is more on what society has said about the series-
To me it is odd that society objects to a series that shows children killing other children. Hello! Where were all of the critics when terrible violence crept into our society and become the norm? Its not like this is anything new. Various lyrics refer to murder, movies are full of torture and killing, TV shows depict this sort of thing all of the time. But now that it is children doing the killing, it is absolutely terrible.  If we are trying to protect the innocence of children, and the value of life, then we are failing at both. (More to follow on that)

Simply put, society has lost the moral high ground when it comes to violence.

Trayvon Martin

My home state cant seem to keep itself out of the news for some sort of tragic death. Caylee Anthony and now Trayvon Martin.

The details of the case are relatively unclear up to this point. But I am not going to comment on the specifics of the case or take a side, because the reality is this: A young man died, and that is tragic. Life is always valuable, and the loss of life is terrible.

But certain things about this case I just cant understand. And they really irk me.
For example, how is this a race issue? Answer me that. Guys like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton come in and stir up the race issue and really do nothing to solve the problem. Honestly, tell me one time that those guys have shown up and you have thought to yourself “I sure am glad that Jesse Jackson showed up, that guy solves problems”
Also, why is the President commenting on this matter? It really doesnt concern him. I mean, children get killed every day and he doesnt comment on those situations. It really bothers me that he would say something like “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”
Next question- Why is his mom attempting to trademark his name and various slogans associated with it? Seems kind of odd to me.
And finally, why is life only valuable outside of the womb? We object to the Hunger Games and mourn the loss of children murdered across America. But why? Because the innocence of children is valuable. It is sacred.
But what about the unborn? We say nothing about them. Dont mourn the loss of millions to abortion. Does a few weeks really make that much of a difference? Once a baby is “viable” then it is valuable, but before then, it is just a chunk of cells.

Fundamental fact- If you devalue life inside the womb, it makes it easier to devalue life outside of the womb. Dont believe me? Read this- Here


Time to end on a high note-
 I have been blown away by some songs lately, so I figured I would share my current Top 10

  1.  Give Me Faith- Elevation Worship
  2. Sing Along- Christy Nockels
  3. All I Need Is You (Live from Miami)- Hillsong United
  4. Oh You Bring (Live from Miami)- Hillsong United
  5. One Thing Remains- Jesus Culture
  6. Forever Reign- Kristian Stanfill
  7. If I Knew Then- Lady Antebellum
  8. Dancin Away With My Heart- Lady Antebellum
  9. Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne (For the record, this gets me excited for Gator Football) 
  10. Never Once- Matt Redman

Thats all for now.

God Bless

– B

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