Random Thoughts- 6/25/12

I have random thoughts all of the time.  In light of that, I decided to begin a Random Thoughts series. You can see my first installment here— Random Thoughts
Well I am back again with some random thoughts, so here we go.
It bothers me that my generation is so apathetic about voting. I mean, as a nation we can hardly ever get more than 50% of our population to vote. I feel like if you don’t vote then you shouldn’t complain about the leadership of our country.  You forfeit your right to speak, because you silenced yourself on election day.
Do we really want 50% of the country deciding the direction of our nation? How do we know if that group represents our values?
Well, we don’t.
On a more personal level, I think about the fact that voting is a privilege. Men and women shed a lot of blood for us to have freedom, and the best we can do is 50%? 
Come on people, get out and vote.
As a man, it is my duty to love sports. And I take this duty very seriously. My dedication to ESPN and Sports Illustrated is impressive. With that being said, I must say this- 
This part of the summer must be the most boring part of the year for sports. From about Mid June until August, we have very little to care about in the sports world. And I know what you are thinking, “What about Major League Baseball?”
And my answer to that is, “Major League Baseball only gets exciting when there are about 30 games left in the season and your team is chasing a berth in the playoffs. Trust me, I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan.”
The only real highlight for me is the British Open. But even then you have to wake up at odd hours to watch it live. Besides, I am in the minority of sports fans that actually enjoys watching golf on a consistent basis.
What I am reading- 
I am an avid reader. It is almost a problem because I can never just read one book. I should probably work on that, but anyway, here is what I am reading at the moment-
1.     Injustice  by J. Christian Adams
2.     Unconditional Love by John Powell
3.     Disciplines of a Godly Man by R. Kent Hughes
4.     Taggerung by Brian Jacques
My hope is to finish all of these in the next couple of weeks, but with school starting that could prove to be difficult. 
Here is my updated top 10 (Click to hear the song on Youtube)
That’s all for now!
– B

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