Random Thoughts- 7/31/12

I am back with another edition in the Random Thoughts series. You can see the previous entries here and here.

If you follow sports at all, you know that the NCAA dropped the ax on Penn State for the Sandusky Scandal. The scandal itself was truly terrible and it is my hope and prayer that things like this would never happen… But in my opinion the sanctions leveled by the NCAA were too much. The fact of the matter is that the NCAA is punishing people who had no involvement with the situation. This was a CRIMINAL event and most of the people involved are either dead or have been removed from the institution.

The players, coaches, and fans that are currently with the team had nothing to do with the scandal.
And when you consider the financial ramifications of this decision, it becomes even harder to justify. Most athletic departments rarely break even, and now with these sanctions, Penn State will be in a challenging position financially for many years to come. 

In situations like this, I think it is best to take a step back and consider the long term implications. It is easy to point the finger and cast the stone, but consider who you may be striking with that stone.

I am reminded of something I heard in basic training from Drill Sergeant Slaughter:

“For the sins of few, many will be punished”

 In this case, I think the NCAA is punishing many for the sins of few.

Another news story that has captured my attention is the tragic shooting that took place in Colorado. Without going into too much detail, a man by the name of James Holmes entered into a theater and killed 12 people (and wounded 58 more). He was armed with various weapons including an assault rifle.

Naturally, people who are against weapons used this as an opportunity to revisit the debate on gun control. I could see where gun control would be a good idea in theory. Theoretically if you limit guns, then people wont have guns, and nobody will get shot.

The problem with this is that in reality, it simply wont work that way. It misses the point.
Guns are not the issue. Guns do not kill people. Guns are not inherently evil.

As a child growing up, I was around guns all the time. They didn’t bother me at all. As a young man, I have had the opportunity to train on various weapon systems and use guns that most people only get to shoot on Call of Duty. And this is what I know- A gun is just a machine…No different than a car in many respects. When operated by a reasonable, competent, and safe individual they are harmless. 
And just like a car, when they are operated by an unreasonable, incompetent, and evil individual they are extremely destructive.

You cant control evil men. What you CAN do is educate the public and ensure that people have the opportunity to defend themselves against evil men.

Chick Fil A is fantastic.
But apparently their support for traditional marriage is hateful and anti-gay. I wont dive into this issue too much because I am preparing another entry to address this topic, but here is my question-
You ask a devout Christian about his view on marriage, and are surprised when he affirms the Biblical definition of marriage.. What did you think he was going to say?!

Music update-

Instead of giving my Top 10, I will just say this-

Everyone needs to listen to the new Cornerstone album from Hillsong Live.
Here is a preview-
1) Cornerstone
2) I Surrender
3) Beneath the Waters

And finally,
I turn 24 tomorrow. Wow, where has the time gone? I thank God for His provision for these 24 years and trust in His faithfulness into the future.  I thank my family and friends, you are all a blessing and I love you very much.

Thank you and God Bless.
– B

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