A Review of 2012 and a Preview of 2013

Today is December 30th.
Just one more day left in 2012. I pause and take a moment to review this year.

As I sit here and write this, thinking about 2012, I realize that this was truly a unique year. In many ways I lived this year in the shadow of the previous year. 2011 was by far the most challenging year of my life. I spent much of this year trying to escape the previous year.. Trying to make sense of all that I had learned and all that happened.
2012, much like 2011, was a year marked by absence. I spent the first 4 months in Augusta and was away from my family. This summer my Dad was gone for nearly two months, and my sister deployed in June.
To put this in perspective- I was absent from my dad for over 6 months, and absent from my sister for over 11 months.

Overall, the time spent away from family was a positive thing. I think it aided in the healing process, and also helped me grow as an individual.

2012 was not all doom and gloom. In fact, it was a year full of joy and great experiences. New friendships and memories were created. I witnessed weddings, enjoyed football games all over the south, and even won a few golf tournaments in between.

2012 was marked by a very important lesson that I learned in 2011. It is a philosophy that I am seeking to live by on a daily basis and it goes something like this-
– People matter most. And if you have to choose between investing in others, and doing something for yourself, it is much more rewarding to invest in others. Life live, and take advantage of any opportunities you have to make memories with people that you care about.

Now, this may have resulted in grades that are less than normal. It may have resulted in a little bit more stress and a little bit less sleep… But it was worth it.

Let me put it this way- I will hardly care about the days I spent studying for some pointless exam, but I will certainly care about the memories I made with great people that I chose to invest in.

2012 was a good year. I look back and see many things that frustrate and disappoint me, but overall I am blessed beyond measure. I look to 2013 and see opportunity for tremendous growth. I also see a very challenging year ahead. And with that in mind, I have developed my one and only resolution for the year.

Intense Focus

Simply put, I want to have an intense focus on what I am doing at any given time. And this manifests itself in the little things like studying, exercise, leisure, etc. But on a larger scale, I want intense focus on my priorities. Examples include relationships, education, and military obligations. I want to be 100% focused on the task in front of me every day.
My tendency is to try and multitask. I worry about so many things, and this prevents me from focusing on what I am doing in that particular moment.

That is all for now, thank God for a great year!

– B

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