Random Thoughts: Duck Dynasty, Knockout Game, Podcasts, Titles and Tunes.

My renewed commitment to blogging means the return of Random Thoughts, one of my favorite entries.

Phil Robertson caused quite a stir with his comments in a recent interview published in GQ magazine. A&E responded by suspending him indefinitely from the show.

I am not going to discuss his comments specifically or engage in any discussion of the merits of homosexuality in our culture. That will be saved for another time.

However, I will take a moment to discuss the response by all to this situation.

As soon as news of this broke, this is what I observed: Battle lines were drawn, sides were taken, and arrows were launched.

WHY?! Why are we so hyper-sensitive to this? Shouts of intolerance and bigotry filled the air, responded to by shouts about free speech and… intolerance.The irony of this is rich to me.

Put down your weapons, be mature, and address each other like civilized human beings. 

Moving on-

Is there anything more reprehensible than the so called “Knockout Game”?
If you don’t know what this is, I encourage you to do some research.
Anyway..so this is what some people do because they are bored?

 Targeting defenseless people and seeking to knock them unconscious is disgusting. This is the type of thing that society as a whole should denounce immediately. This kind of rampant lawlessness is completely contrary to the American ideal.

On to something much more positive

Podcasts are changing my life.

Laugh all you want at that statement, but I am urging you to nix the cynicism and consider this for a moment. Consider the free time that you have and how you spend it. Now consider your goals, hopes, and dreams for your life.

Okay, now how do you connect your free time with your goals, hopes, and dreams? By being disciplined and intentional with your efforts each and every day.

You may be wondering what Podcasts have to do with this, so here is the answer- Podcasts are a tool that can be used to connect your free time with the life you want to have (goals, hopes, dreams).

Do you want to be smarter? There are podcasts for that.
Want to lead better? Podcasts for that too.
Want better relationships? Podcasts for that.
Want to be more productive? Podcasts for that.

Tunes and Titles

This is the segment where I share my current favorite songs and books that I am reading, get it- Tunes and Titles. (I thought it was catchy).

Tunes –

  1.  Bring the Rain – MercyMe
  2. Chances – Five for Fighting 
  3. Dum Dum – Tedashii feat Lecrae
  4. I Hold On – Dierks Bentley 
  5. You Revive Me – Christy Nockels 

Titles –

  1. Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis
  2. David and Goliath – Malcolm Gladwell 
  3. Reviving Work Ethic – Eric Chester

That is all for now! Less than two weeks left in 2013. Be safe, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

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