25 Random Thoughts from this 25 Year Old

I have noticed the increasing popularity of titles that include a number associated with a catchy title

  • 20 Things to do Before Your 20. 
  • 30 Reasons That Being 30 is Awesome. 
  • 14 Ways to Make 2014 the Best Year Ever. 
Okay, so maybe those aren’t real titles, but you get the idea. 

I figured “Hey, I can do that too.”
 So for the next installment of Random Thoughts I figured I would give it a shot.

Here we go.

  1. For countries in warm climates, the Winter Olympics must be one of the lamest major sporting events in existence. I have watched a grand total of 0 minutes of coverage and plan to double that number in the coming days. 
  2. The older I get, the more frequently I am acquainted with death. Friends, family, peers, etc. I don’t think I will ever truly get comfortable with this reality. 
  3. I am too inflexible with my schedule. God has a way of revealing things like that in the midst of your frustration. Fact of the matter is, my time is not really my time. 
  4. Gator basketball is certainly in good shape, but lacks the offensive explosiveness to be a favorite for the National Title at this point. Need more consistency on that side of the ball. Development of Hill and Walker will be huge as well as the health of team going into the Tourney season. 
  5. Gosh I can’t wait for Major League Baseball to begin. Cardinals may have the best pitching staff in the NL but lack power at the plate. Upgraded speed in the lineup though may be a good thing. 
  6. Being intentional about simplifying my life has helped me focus. (See next few thoughts.)
  7. Deleting many of my email subscriptions has made my life much less hectic. 
  8. Eliminating a few of my social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram) has helped as well. 
  9. My commitment to read more this year has been highly beneficial. Its one of the best ways I learn and relax. 
  10. I am really enjoying my new job and location. Truly blessed. 
  11. Receiving wedding invites = awesome.  
  12. Not being able to attend weddings that I was invited to = not awesome. 
  13. Preparing taxes = not awesome. 
  14. Getting my tax return = awesome. 
  15. Knowing that there will be a day when I will not get a tax return = not awesome. 
  16. Knowing that our tax system is broken and many Americans pay no taxes at all = not awesome. 
  17. Malcolm Gladwell = awesome. Check out some of his books, pretty insightful. 
  18. I am undisciplined in my prayer life. This is an issue. 
  19. Accountability with Christian brothers must be one of the most incredible gifts from God. If you are reading this and do not have someone or a group of people holding you accountable, I would really encourage you to find some people and open up your life to them. 
  20. Choosing between two seemingly good things is always very difficult to me. 
  21. I have concluded that taking care of myself should be a top priority. Why? Because if I do not take care of myself, I cannot focus on others. 
  22. Leadership is a passion of mine that I plan to pursue with fervor. 
  23. I am completely useless without sleep. 
  24. However, I will never resort to using coffee in order to wake up. 
  25. It is time to sleep. Have a good night. 

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